Donate now and help us grow hope through agriculture image

Donate now and help us grow hope through agriculture


Here in our South Dallas neighborhood called Bonton, you don't expect to find a farm. You expect to see crime drugs, and gang violence. But all that is changing thanks, in part, to Bonton Farms. Bonton is located in a "food desert" where 63% of residents lack personal transportation and the nearest grocery store is a 3-hour round-trip bus ride. So instead, we go to one of the many beer and wine stores where they have over priced and outdated processed foods. The impact on our health is devastating. The statistics are staggering...Bonton has roughly double the rate of diabetes, cancer, stroke heart disease and childhood obesity than the county. And that's not ok! We believe that our neighborhood should change from within, driven by our own people, using our own hands. So we started Bonton Farms to restore health, create jobs and ignite hope. Please help us by donating now